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Recording Addition on a Hundred Chart

Using a hundreds chart as a tool for adding larger numbers. I like the way the kids can show it on the 100's chart AND on a number line.

LOVE THIS!!! This is a set of 3 worksheets. Each worksheet contains 5 equations of subtracting from 100. Each equation has an open number line to use as a strategy. At the end of each worksheet, students will complete a word or story problem involving subtracting using place value from 100.


Demystifying Open Number Lines

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Here's a set of materials to help students use the open number line strategy for adding and subtracting. Diagrams are provided on each page so students can see how the strategy works.

Mental Math Strategies for Addition and Subtraction (Common Core) from Purposeful Teaching on (2 pages) - This poster visually explains the Decomposing Strategy, Branching Strategy (or "Pull Down" Method), Partial Sums Strategy, and Open Number Line Strategy (or "Jump Up" Method) used in teaching Mental Math Strategies.