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An Antidote to “Love at First Sight”, I'm starting to like this writer. She talks abput writing romance *logically*. Who'dda thunk it? @Tatiana LeFay

#love #quote - there's a poem known as "Not waving but drowning" and it's amazing. Talks about how not everything seems to be what it appears.

I don't believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in seeing someone from across the room and knowing instantly that they're going to matter to you

But can you just imagine this is how he looks when he falls in love with you at first sight!! gif

Dean hadn't seen Cas look like Cas in at least 2 years (Godstiel/Levithan Cas all dirtied up and then Crazy!Cas and lastly dirty Purgatory Cas). They explain most simply that this is a reaction of man who just realized how in love he is. Or perhaps how much he MISSED Cas. And without his whole clean cut, trench coat and tie look it wasn't complete. Read:

Visit the Golden Rock on Mount Kyaiktiyo

The Golden Rock on Mount Kyaiktiyo is said to be precariously perched on a lock of the Buddha’s hair. It’s an incredible sight but to see it, you must brave a ride on the back of a converted dump truck with 39 other passengers! The Golden Rock is one of the most divided attractions in Myanmar – people either love it or hate it. We didn’t like it at first…find out how it won us over!

How to Write a Romance Novel

For something that is so important in our lives, it’s surprising how often love gets clichéd treatment in songs, books, movies and more. You can avoid these clichés and write about romance in a way that feels real using the tips below. Avoid clichés The first step in avoiding clichés is to recognise them, and …