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Decorative Map of The World by Abraham Ortelius

Decorative Map of The World by Abraham Ortelius by FalstaffTrading

Decorative Map of The World by Abraham Ortelius

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Decorative Map of Ireland by Abraham Ortelius

Abraham Ortelius was a Cartographer and Geographer from Antwerp credited with the creation of the first modern atlas in 1592. This is a reprint of one of his beautiful maps included in the "Theatrum O

Decorative Map of Ancient Greece by Abraham Ortelius

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Texas Historical Map of 1839

Compiled from Surveys on record in the General Land Office of the Republic, to the year 1839. This map shows rivers, mountainous and forested areas, colonies, counties, towns, routes and trails--inclu

Unique Map of California

While some of George and Lennie's experiences in John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men are universal like the dream of a place to call home and the need for friendships, others are directly related to the novel's setting.

Vintage 1700 Map of Ireland

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1866 Historic Land Map of California

This large land map of California was originally published by the US Department of the Interior, General Land Office, October All of our prints are be

1670 Virginia and Maryland Map

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