This loveable mongrel puppy was found as a stray on the streets of Camden. Without a name, Paul gave her the moniker of Nancy because she was streetwise like Nancy in ‘Oliver’. She is now loving life and getting plenty of attention in her new home with the Jones family in Cornwall. #pogdogs #nancy #fortheloveofdogs

With a dog, kids learn that there’s always someone on their team. | 21 Pictures That Prove Every Child Should Grow Up With A Dog

Exciting news - ITV1's Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs is returning for an hour-long Christmas special.

helio2 by Grace & Ivy-Whippets are Sight Hounds so they SEE...really they do...and you know it when they look at you...and they can run like the wind so be sure to have them on a leash if you take them out for fun...and they love to go out, or stay in...snoozy... cuddly, man's best friend

Paul visits the Chelsea Pensioners

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