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100 #free textures for backgrounds. #stationary & design
We have been working with Havas New York on a number of IBM products. Smart Cities focuses on a city management solution offered by IBM that allows resources to be managed and deployed through an interface. We also had the opportunity to work with the talented Alex Mapar and Sara Blake.  See the full project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/25523777/IBM-Think-Academy-Smart-Cities
Client: Lumos Agency: Global Natives Production: Giant Ant Music: Giant Ant  Global Natives brought us in to help craft the story of Lumos as part of a re-launch they were orchestrating. The story is voiced by Lumos founder J.K. Rowling and aims to shed light on the issue of childhood institutionalization in Europe. Together, we are Lumos. We are providing a light in the dark for children worldwide. Are you Lumos? #LetsTalkLumos
Part four in a serie of animated record jackets, about the creative process.  Music: Googie Rene - Firebird
Tracking doormat closeup tm v06 bts