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20150218_161833-500x500.jpg (500×500)

Exotic Butterflies | charaxes smaragdalis blue butterfly from africa real butterflies moths ...

Wedding Gift Framed Butterfly Best Seller For 13 Years Real Blue Butterfly Display 202

Charaxes Butterfly (Lydiae Nymphaliidae Male Species, Cameroon Insect…

Charaxes Butterfly (Lydiae Nymphaliidae), native to Cameroon.

Flame-bordered charaxes, (Charaxes protoclea), African forest butterfly

Flame-bordered charaxes (Charaxes protoclea), an African forest butterfly

butterflies | Charaxes hadrianus Real Congo Kuba Cloth Display By Butterfly-Designs

Charaxes hadrianus real Congo Kuba Cloth african Butterfly in an Archival Conservation Display

White-barred Emperor or White-barred Charaxes (Charaxes brutus) butterfly

White-barred Emperor or White-barred Charaxes (Charaxes brutus) is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. It is found in Africa.