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World War II. Russian sappers delivering ammunition under the enemy fire. Breslau (now Wrosław), March 1945. Photograph by Dmitri Baltermants. Pin by Paolo Marzioli

Unique photo taken from the rear platform of street car. Thus somehow tram passengers could see the assassination attempt on Heydrich.

Magdalene Kessel, Anneliese Kohlmann, Hildegard Kambach/Kanbach, Charlotte Pliquet, Frieda Walter, Ilse Förster and Elisabeth Volkenrath bury the dead in Mass Grave 2.

Kiev, Ukraine, Aug 16, 1944: Thousands of German POWs are paraded through city streets as the locals hurl curse and abuse at them. The official report about the Kiev situation to Stalin claimed the Red Army had taken 36,918 POWs including 549 officers.

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