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It costs large businesses an average of $13k per worker just to comply with federal regulations. For small business that can reach $35k.

Expressing concern over employees’ health has backfired on the world’s leading fast food producer, McDonald’s. Its own employee resources website recommended workers to avoid burgers and fries whenever possible due to health risks. The McResource site, notorious for giving advice on how to make ends meet working for $7.25 an hour at McDonald’s, has cooked up another gem: the folks preparing and serving McDonald’s food should actually avoid eating it themselves – because it is unhealthy. To…

Some in City Hall Were Aware of Laquan McDonald Dashcam Video 2 Months After Shooting: Emails | NBC Chicago

The Mayor's Office formally wished the city of Chicago a happy new year with a ream of emails showing that Rahm Emanuel knew just how bad the release of the Laquan McDonald video could be, long before its release.

11. I'm willing to bet the corporate team that green lit a "Dwarf House" play place had younger customers in mind than a car full of road-tripping college kids, but that's what they got today. Despite buying drive-thru, we got sucked in by its political incorrectness and the intrigue that a hitherto unexplored "Dwarf House" offers. (Was it a cross between the McDonald’s playgrounds we knew and some sort of Elk’s lodge for Keebler Elves?) It got us in the door, but wouldn’t make us come back.

Emails Suggest Mayor's Staff Knew About Laquan McDonald Video During His Re-Election Campaign | ThinkProgress

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his press office knew about the dash cam video two months after the teen was shot by police.

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