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Are you with me? ALL THE WAY. Jyn and Cassian | Star Wars | Rogue One | RebelCaptain tumblr

get-rec-t: WOW It’s my first fanart for JSE (not the last ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) and GOD am I nervous ;w; Why?… I dunno actually ._. Not gonna tag Jack, tho, too shy XD Well I hope you like it?? ;A;

Find me a man who looks at me like that and I'll worship him until I die.

If video games taught me anything it's that this guy is selling rare items i'll need later in my quest

This Is The Best Gaming Setup Ever

What I first thought was humorous, I'm now seeing as serious organizational skill.

mineoldtimegirl: “ To my BFF, I’m not use to having good friends like you. If you leave my side. I might cry. ”

It honestly breaks my heart whenever I see red lyrium Cullen. Everytime!