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【空崩壊】Sky is absorbed【Collapse of the sky】

links with the eye...could do this graphically to the eye in the designs...the collapse of the elaborate? :-)

For you uncultured animals out there, the last comment is a reference to Inception (which you should TOTALLY watch)

Collapsing Forward - mixed media installation /--- Swiss born, New York based artist, Ula Einstein, uses fire, tyvek, thread, rice paper, powdered pigments & more in her work

book characters by Caterina Kalymniou on ArtStation.

Jenna Bytheway -Another piece of Art by Andy Goldsworthy, made from stones / rocks stacked on top of each other , placed in a scenic background to make an impact that he is an environmentalist . i personally think its really creatively different and i would have liked to have known how he got the stones stacked up on each other.