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When the Homeschool Isn't Working

Some seasons of homeschool are smooth sailing. Everything runs just as it should. Other seasons are like running through deep mud. You try, you struggle, but no matter what you do, the homeschool isn't working.

Everyday Scholé: The 6 Gifts of Scholé

Do you struggle trying to give your kids the perfect homeschool? Don't! Instead concentrate on receiving the 6 gifts of scholé and creating a homeschool you love. Find out how by clicking!

Sneak a Peek into My Planner

A sneak peek into the homeschool and day planner I'm using to stay on top of work, the house, the kids, volunteer work, and my homeschool!

Finding Balance in the Homeschool

Finding balance in the homeschool is important for scholé. We're balancing between the needs of the homeschool and the needs of the house.

5 Keys to the Well-Run Homeschool & Scholé

You need the 5 keys to a well-run homeschool and scholé in order to create the homeschool of your dreams. Click to learn more!

Festina Lente

Festina Lente Is the Perfect Motto to Live By! It's vital for sanity in the homeschool, take things slow and steady and don't lose your mind- Classically Homeschooling

Top 10 Things to Do at the Library

Try one of these fun things to do at the library the next time cabin fever hits your homeschool and you can't stay home another minute.

3 Excellent Reasons to Color Code Homeschool Supplies

Nothing is worse than starting the day with the kids fighting over homeschool supplies. Sometimes I think they fight just to avoid work for a few more minutes