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Some seasons of homeschool are smooth sailing. Everything runs just as it should. Other seasons are like running through deep mud. You try, you struggle, but no matter what you do, the homeschool isn't working.

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Everyday Scholé: The 6 Gifts of Scholé

Do you struggle trying to give your kids the perfect homeschool? Don't! Instead concentrate on receiving the 6 gifts of scholé and creating a homeschool you love. Find out how by clicking!

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5 Options When You're Running Behind Schedule

What should you do when your homeschool is running behind schedule?

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Festina Lente

Festina Lente Is the Perfect Motto to Live By! It's vital for sanity in the homeschool, take things slow and steady and don't lose your mind- Classically Homeschooling

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Multum non Multa

multum non multa: Are you keeping room for the best in your homeschool?

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Festina Lente: Make Haste Slowly

Make Festina Lente: Make Haste Slowly a central principle of your homeschool.

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7 Educational Sick Day Activities

7 education sick day activities to keep the homeschool moving when the kids are bored but too sick to concentrate.

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Homeschool Mindfulness

So there is this thing I’ve been doing ever since I was a little girl. I’m not sure where I got it from, but my guess would be from a book long forgotten. You may find it to be supremely cheesy, but I’m going to tell you about it anyway. It’s something I do every...Read More »