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We live in a multi dimensional world that vibrates, forms, dissolves and reforms around us. It is this moment of form and no-form I wish to depict; where pure vibration forms a plasmic substance before it transforms into matter, as we perceive it.. Another similar aspect of this occurs after death. In the transition state when we make contact with the Void, or the state of non-duality, we have the option to choose a new manifestation, in the physical realm or some other realm of…

Cymatics - Cymatics is the study of visible sound and vibration, a subset of modal phenomena.

Loris Cecchini ~ Gaps (chiastic subsequence in 4 poles), 2010 (polyester resin, wall paint)

Waves influence every aspect of our lives – whether they are part of the electromagnetic spectrum (light, radio, heat), sonic vibration in the form of sound waves, or quiet ripples on the water. Italian artist Loris Cecchini is taking the form of those waves – and making them visible in his sculptural series Wallvave Vibration.

Drawing an object in direct light: learning highlight, halftone, core shadow, reflected light, and cast shadow.

The Sound of Healing....There's no system in the body not affected by sound. #healing

You become what you think. Change your thoughts and you can reinvent yourself. Raise yourself above the level of thought , access space consciousness and improve your life--or create a new one.

Teacher could start drawing one and have students guess the shape and then make their own with step-by-step directions.