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Nyai Loro Kidul (also spelled Nyi Roro Kidul) is a legendary Indonesian goddess, known as the Queen of the Southern Sea of Java in Javanese and Sundanese mythology. She is also the legendary consort of the Sultans of Mataram and Yogyakarta, beginning with Senopati and continuing to the present day.

Jenglot- Indonesian myth: a small doll like figure that has sharp teeth and long nails. They are said to drink the blood of humans or animals. They are said to come alive when no one is looking. It is a hoax put on by taxidermists that create it using monkey and fish parts.

Domnu, Goddess mother of the Fomorians - In The Silurian, book 3, Owen White-tooth threatened to bring a Formorian army with him to battle against Arthur; Bedwyr thought the Formorians were real warriors of the Gaels, and this threat caused him a lot of worry.

{In norse mythology, Ran is a sea goddess. She has a net in which she tried to capture men who ventured out to sea. She was often depict with long, black hair and dressed in a fish net}

A dancing performance in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia. "Yogya" is big on culture. The dancer impersonates Dewi Sita, one of the principal characters in the Hindu epic Ramayana, named after her husband Rama. Photo: Peter Nijenhuis