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Bangtan winning Album of the Year!! Yes, you finally did it!! You totally deserve it, your dream came true~ You finally received this award thanks to all your hard work and efforts!❤ You did great and worked hard♡ You went through so much Congratulations my boys~❤

[#오늘의방탄] 아... 아미여러분 미...미치도록 아름다운 밤이에요✨ #2016MAMA 올해의 가수상을 받은 #방탄소년단! 아미가 있기에 가능한 일이었습니다. We did it at last!Thank you! | Twitter Update

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Confusion looks good on you

Hey I think this is BTS! @bts_ @thebangtanboys One of em shouted #TGOD so I had to take a pic. K-POP.... #mnetasianmusicawards @mnetkr !!!

Congratulations to Danny and Philly for their awards!