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Below the Root Art Print

Below the Root Art Print by Aaron Becker - My own take on the city of Greensky from Zilpha Keatley Snyder's fantasy series "Below the Root", published back in the 70s.

17th Century Color Manual Finally Gets Its Due

800 Page Book with a description of all colors in the days pre-Pantone-just breathtaking!!

Caring for Your Introvert

Caring for Your Introvert (this is a great article for extroverts to read, although don't take his sarcasm too personally)

Alien-a-Day #40Floralian. A subspecies of plant-based sentient life-forms. Though their society (and carnivorous tendencies) can seem aggressive to outsiders they see themselves as an enlightened society of artists poets and philosophers. Average Floralians would like nothing more than to spend their days roots planted in a nice soil reading the classics and snacking on small mammals. Alien-A-Day is a series of daily posts leading up to the release of Red's Planet a graphic novel by Eddie…

Max Ernst-Une semaine de bonté ("A Week of Kindness") is a graphic novel and artist's book by Max Ernst, first published in 1934. It comprises 182 images created by cutting up and re-organizing illustrations from Victorian encyclopedias and novels.

“Robert Tirado is an illustrator, graphic artist, currently based in Madrid. His style is characterized by mixing a wide variety of digital and manual techniques, mainly inspired by female beauty, fashion and photography, supported by the geometry, art and music. Tirado has had the opportunity to exhibit his work in major galleries in America and Europe. His works have been published in books like “The great big book of fashion illustration” * anova books, UK * and “Back to the roots”…

CITIx60 city guide books presented by 60 creatives

viction:ary presents the new pocket-sized CITIx60 city guide books of Barcelona, Berlin, London, New York Paris and Tokyo. Each city is represented through the eyes of 60 creatives, bringing you a handpicked list of local hotspots, architecture, art spaces, shops markets, eating and entertainment. Not to forget, each insider city guide comes with a hand drawn cover and city map, drawn by talented artists. via dexigner