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I've just been dropped off the coach now I'm waitng for the Olympic Torch. This is the time that will change my life forever!

Old Liverpool shops remembered - enjoy this fantastic archive photo collection

Twitter photos from Team USA's Fab Five

Fab Five with Olympic torch. I love these girls, they're so adorable! Can we all just be best friends pleaseeee

Day 68 of the Olympic torch relay

The Olympic torch was carried by 100 year old Diana Gould, the oldest female torchbearer of London 2012. She still runs exercise classes at the retirment flats where she lives in North West London - !!

Hair Street Style: Washington Naturals

ATLANTA, GA - JULY 19: US President Bill Clinton (R) takes the arm of boxing legend, Muhammad Ali at the opening ceremony of the centennial Olympic Games 19 July. Ali, ill with Parkinson's disease, accepted the Olympic torch on its final relay leg from J