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The Alkaline Diet: A 14-Day Alkaline Diet Plan (Over 75 Delicious Alkaline Diet Recipes To Satisfy Every Craving) (Alkaline Diet, Alkaline Diet Plan) by Tatiana Barbosa,

How and Why You Want to Eat an Alkaline Diet (Hint: Weight Loss, Cancer Prevention, and More!)

Alkaline Diet Spiced Up!: Amazing Asian Alkaline (100% Vegan) Recipes for Weight Loss, Vitality and Wellness. (Alkaline Diet, Alkaline Recipes, Alkaline Cookbook Book 3) by Marta Tuchowska

"Eating the Alkaline Way" explains how an alkaline diet nourishes the body without stressing the digestive system; how to identify alkalizing and acid-forming food; and provides recipes, tips, and tricks for tracking daily alkaline and acid intake.

Alkaline foods. Follow the 2:1 rule: in every meal you should have twice as much alkaline-forming food as acid-forming food. In doing so you will neutralize the acidic elements (meat, processed food, refined carbs) with the alkaline elements (fruits and veggies) and give your body a break. What this usually means for us is that we need to switch our main course with our side dish.