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Simply put, niche marketing is targeting a group of potential customers who have a shared interested in a particular product, service or lifestyle.

This Google Adwords tutorial shows how to set up an account, write an ad & target traffic by filtering potential customers by countries, regions or cities.

The following contains some video marketing ideas and video is becoming recognized as the most effective marketing method on the internet. Videos have the ability to keep potential customers more deeply engaged and can create a more lasting impression about a particular product. More and more, video is becoming the go-to medium for online marketing.


Technology is a Poor Substitute for Social Interaction

Do your kids spend time looking at screens instead of interacting with family? Get tips to limit the amount of “screen time” that your kids are getting.

Here’s a look at 25 digital marketing ideas that focus on information products. While the end goal is to make a profit with your product selection, many marketing methods involve offering a free information product as a bonus or a buying incentive. These freebies can have the benefit of developing a list of potential customers and can result in profits over time.

Selling products with Facebook ads is an extremely useful expertise that will enable you to show compelling ads to a targeted audience. Within the bounds of Facebook’s terms of service, you can sell almost any product and created a successful brand.

In the second video in our series on Niche Marketing we explore the process of researching your niche business ideas in greater detail.

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This Wordpress popup plugin is easy to use with attractive templates and is an excellent feature-rich product for little or not cost.

Free Ebook Download Alternative: There's an alternative to the familiar free ebook download that could help you get more readers, create more value and increase brand recognition.