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Be the boss of your own business with Thirty one. You can like a woman because Thirty one's National Executive Directors make more than most male CEOs!!!

You haven't had Christmas until you share one with That Someone Special.

Do your children love sharks? Check out these fun books and kits about sharks!

Darlington Raceway is a race track built for NASCAR racing located near Darlington, South Carolina. It is nicknamed "The Lady in Black" and "The Track Too Tough to Tame" by many NASCAR fans and drivers and advertised as "A NASCAR Tradition." It is of a unique, somewhat egg-shaped design, an oval with the ends of very different configurations, a condition which supposedly arose from the proximity of one end of the track to a minnow pond the owner refused to relocate.

Sidoian Outcasts often lead tough lives. They're never allowed back into their city/village of origin or to contact family or loved ones again, and most Sidoians would not think to break the rules -- but the Outcasts are Outcasts for the exact reason that they think of breaking the rules and have. While one may think of this as criminal, it can also be minor such as not performing calculations to determine architecture dimensions -- to interacting with a person who was supposed to be…

I actually lived this way for a long time, thinking it was the only way. Turns out you just need to wait for someone who knows how valuable your heart is, and love them with all your might. But I understand this sentiment; it's rough out there.