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La estatua de libertad es un símbolo de América y la libertad que tenemos en nuestro país. Desde que los inmigrantes empezaron a venir a nuestro país, la estatua de libertad ha estado de pie en Ellis Island. Entonces, representa la inmigración y la libertad en nuestra cultura.

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(Open rp w/Cecily) I go on the Staten Island ferry, and I see a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty. I smile as I think about my father whenever we past by the statue. I sigh and listen to the water hitting the ferry, and the tourist talking. I hear little kids gasping in awe when the see the statue. 'Mommy look it's Lady Liberty!' I hear one of them say. "Beautiful view isn't it?" You ask me. I look up at you and smile. "Yeah, it is."

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The Statue of Liberty :-) The Statue of Liberty is a colossal neoclassical sculpture on Liberty Island in the middle of New York Harbor, in Manhattan, New York City. For more travel Updates/Offers and Interesting Stuffs be connected to Travel Universally

New York City - The Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island #USA

This shot of the Statue of Liberty (New York City, USA) was taken during an holiday week in last December. It’s a classical shot, a cliche, but it is a symbol of the United States and New York City. So, you can’t come back of New York City without a