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Challenger/ Viper

Challenger/ Viper

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texasuberalles: ““ The beautiful, extremely poisonous African Bush Viper. ” “Bush Viper” my butt, that thing is clearly a Salamander looking for a new inferno to live in.

Blood Red Dodge Viper SRT!!! This is one sexy car! and my man would probably agree... :)

Blood Red Dodge Viper SRT ~ This is one sexy car and I only want one, so.

"From the viper's poison comes the tonic of life."

Green Bush Viper (Atheris Squamiger) Africa~~~He wouldn't need to bite me, I'd die from a heart attack just seeing him!

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I learned this the hard way, trying to pull the 4 o'clock morning shift



awesome scales on these snakes--Atheris squamigera #snakes #reptiles #topanimals

Common names: green bush viper, variable bush viper, leaf viper, more. Atheris squamigera is a venomous viper species found in west and central Africa. Bush vipers are absolutely gorgeous

Sri Lankan green pitviper (Trimeresurus trigonocephalus) by reptile street photographer, via Flickr

Sri Lankan green pitviper (Trimeresurus trigonocephalus) photographed by George Cruiser in Sinharaja NP Sri Lanka on April 2012

Galactica - Colonial Viper MKI - Making of

Galactica - Colonial Viper MKI - Making of