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The benefits of working with a Life Coach during divorce. Online or phone coaching from the comfort of your couch. Coaching men and women through relationship grief and divorce to re-build a new life they love. Life Coach Erina Calder @

In Kohls. For 20 minutes. Woithoiut a phone. And when I finally found her she wasn't even looking for me!

Amen! Today's society is to consumed with technology!!! If you are a believer in God than he needs to come first in your life!!! Not tv or your cell phone or even social media!!! He comes first!!!!

"Dance like no one is watching. Because they're not. They're checking their phones."

There Are Certain Places The Phone Doesn't Belong...This Is One!


You're walking in a crowded downtown plaza when a Facebook notification goes off on your phone: "Are you okay? It looks like you're in the area ffected by EMERGENCY PROTOCOL 1016B. Let friends know if you're safe." Confused, you look around to discover you're alone.

" I like clingy people. I would rather have someone who blows up my phone and shows that they care than someone who texts back 10 hours later."

I'm actually watching the force awakens right now. I'm going to take a closer look