Everyone knows Wolverines are fearsome predators that punch way above their weight on the gridiron, but who knew they were so stylish? Our Michigan T-Shirt - Ann Arbor Edition, available in blue or yellow, is the ideal gear to wear to the next home game or a simple way to tell everyone, “those who stay will be champions.” Go Blue!

Imagine moseying into your local watering hole on game day wearing this bad boy tucked into your well-worn wranglers. There's little doubt that fiery filly behind the bar will be confused about who you are and what you're all about –– a longhorn fan through-and-through. When you wear the Austin Edition of our Texas T-Shirt, printed on either iconic Texas Orange or bold White, you'll show you've got true Texas style — all that's missing are your hands in the air flying the Hook 'em Horns.

Picture this, it's the Lone Star Showdown, you're at the game, and the unthinkable happens: Johnny What's-His-Name goes down. Who's going to take his place? Will it be the guy sitting next to you? Or will it be you, standing proud, a true 12th Man rocking this maroon and white beauty? That's what we thought. Printed on maroon or white, the College Station edition of our Texas T-Shirt is the unofficial uniform of all aggies fans, but it's required attire at the next bonfire.

Our Ohio T-Shirt - Cleveland Edition is for lean and hungry champions only. Sure, it’s been a while since the good old glory days of yore, but that doesn’t mean the heart of a proud Cleveland fan doesn’t beat beneath this orange on brown or brown on orange beauty. Let the haters keep on hating, but you should stand tall knowing it’s just a matter of time before brown becomes the new gold.

We’re pretty sure Megatron wears one of these when he’s not on the field breaking records. Speaking of records, we think you should throw on one of these sleek silver or bad a$$ blue t-shirts and see what it does for you. We’re not saying you’ll automatically become a superstar, but why leave anything to chance? This could be the last piece of the puzzle that moves you into uncharted territory –– we’re just saying...

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