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Socio-Cultural Factors of ELLs (Ethnocentrism): I chose this pin because this is a good example of what NOT to do in the classroom. Ethnocentrism is the act of judging another culture by comparing it to one's own culture. This picture is making judgments about different cultures and ELLs should feel welcome in the classroom, and not feel like they're being judged. The emotions in this picture should be divided more equally because everyone has the ability to feel all of these emotions.

Socio-Cultural Factors of ELLs (Collective vs. Individual): I chose this pin because it depicts children working together collaboratively, much like a collectivist society. It also implies an individualistic society because each child is an individual who brings his/her own creative and original ideas to the table and shares them with the rest of the group. I believe this concept is important for educators of ELLs because ELLs have ideas individually and collectively share them with a group.

We have a moral obligation to shape our young boys into positive productive black men

blackhistoryseries: Marcus Garvey hailing from Jamaica  - pre MLK - we need to rebirth the pan-African Movement

No, in fact they were eagerly welcomed with heavy jewelry and various other accoutrements of their new position on the plantation.

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Vintage ads

We should know their names & so many more. @nuafrica