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PERSONAL TRAINERS!!! This "lead magnet" could be yours! Only ONE per County...Normally $299.99, now $199.99... ... Hillsborough County Trainer - Personal Trainer Hillsborough County Florida - Find A Personal Trainer (321) 345-4020 4 Things to Look For in a Personal Trainer Let's say that you have decided that you want to hire a personal trainer to help you get back into shape or to achieve your specific weight loss goals.

As a business owner you're probably familiar with a number of these. Have a look at this list and see if there are any other marketing ideas that might be useful.

So what if we don't make the playoffs... #GetOutOfDumpster

Stay positive, strong, optimistic, having a growth mindset #GetOutOfDumpster

Its all about mindset!!! #GetOutOfDumpster

Grinding everyday !!! #GetOutOfDumpster

Morning Prayer!!! #GetOutOfDumpster

Holiday ornaments!!! #GetOutOfDumpster