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One site I am party to condones flag burning. No it isn't the main topic but when it comes up they bleed liberal yellow.. Thing is if I reply in my usual Libertarian view they cry that it's a hate crime, that I'm being hostile threatening. Just so you'll know the site Quora. Maybe someone who is less abrasive would like to go for a look and say something.

I hate the terminology but nuffin said. God bless the women in uniform!

THIS IS A HERO Not a sports player. Not a politician. Not a faddish figure. A hero faces death for others, with no thought of personal gain or glory. This is the face of a true hero. <3

so true, beyond comparision. i started to tear up. Image detail for -Marine Love Quotes | Moving On Love Quotes

PTSD awareness...I also pray for the ignorant people who think combat veterans are 'crazy' when in fact they suffer from deep, often invisible wounds you could not even fathom...