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from The Huffington Post

Mike Pence Can't Bar Syrian Refugees Based On ‘Nightmare Speculation,' Court Rules

Mike Pence Can't Bar Syrian Refugees Based On ‘Nightmare Speculation,' Court Rules | Huffington Post

from The Atlantic

What Is Aleppo? This Is Aleppo

Earlier today, Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson was asked by a journalist “What would you do, if you were elected, about Aleppo?” Johnson replied with his own question: "What is Aleppo?"

Administration negotiated a deal that will ensure Iran gets the bomb. It wasn’t just last night – we’ve been sleeping for years – as President Obama repeatedly appeased the Iranians. Read more at

from Salon

Stephen Colbert just nailed the GOP’s Christian hypocrisy on Syrian refugees with one Bible verse OBAMA $8B LAND GRAB FRAUD - SINAI AND GAZA - BORDERING ISRAEL - HIS GIFT to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD - "Michelle Hopkins? The 6-6-6 Gang & Con Artist... E.T. says: (Same question? What about the Senator that doesn't exist? Senator Sheldon R. Songstad? You pushed that issue underneath the rug and lied, why? Still waiting for an answer.... HellooOoOOOooOoo, you fraud and also the two jerks on the show you're talking to lmao)"

500 Syrian Scud Missles Aimed at Israel, August 27, 2013 This has been Obama's plan all along! Take Israel's ally Egypt away and then back Al Queda Rebel fighters in Syria. PEOPLE OF AMERICA... he's planning the destruction of Israel and in doing so the destruction of AMERICA!!!