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Open w/ Alisha)) I'm walking home from work and finger my bag with narrowed eyes. I don't know who could be around here seeing as I've been here for only a few short weeks. One hand itched for the gun hidden well under my skirt while the other held onto my bag. I would probably gut the next person who tried talking to me.

from Sortra

Strong Emotions Captured in Surreal Images

Sea Witch: #Sea #Witch.

"I swam upwards from the depths of the sea. I could see the bright light of the sun high above me as I got closer, the clear blue ocean causing the light to look as if it were moving. And yet...and yet the water itself wasn't moving, but rather only I was moving. I couldn't breathe, and yet my lungs didn't throb for want of air. With one last stroke my hands broke the surface, and I breathed deeply..." - The Dream Traveler