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hmmmm? does it??? or does it just blur the truth? i used to be able to trust my gut... now?????

INTJ Optimism. | this!!! When I stress and someone just says "don't worry, it will be alright"...provide evidence for this statement because you could just be blowing smoke up my ass. This is the proper way to help someone not worry. I need this in my life sometimes. Its not enough to just be this for others...who never appreciate it ;)

Yep! You don't have the right to show any emotion after the way they treat you. Anger and emotions are reserved strictly for them, and them only! Double standards!

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It's not that we're weak when we don't, it's just that we can't find the right people to talk to

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People are beautiful and important and it's a gift to show them that you see that

soulmate love quotes

We told each other, I love you, every day for 30 years, and we meant every word of it. Until he died. I never will truly love anyone the way I love you. Steve I miss you. 3/30/12-3/30/14 jwt

Sorry, but why let people you call friends make you feel ashamed of yourself or your family. They are far from perfect as well!