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BLT bacon weave. Bake IN the oven at 350 for about mins was what the directions said...took more like 45 minutes. It was okay ...probably won't do it like this again. The bacon wave we bought in the as seen on TV section at the store works great and Fast!

This Crab Salad Sandwich Recipe comes together with just six ingredients! Enjoy this quick and nutritious meal for lunch or dinner!

Potato Fritter Sandwich (Vada Pav) - a version of this may work for the vegetarians in the group - maybe make a paste of all ingredients? Or slice potatoes & layer with other ingredients?

Creative grilled cheese sandwich recipes including: Funfetti & Riccotta Cheese, Burrata Balsamic Strawberry, Chicken & Waffle, and Caprese & Fresh Mozzarella are but a few of the easy #GrilledCheese recipes I hope you'll enjoy as much as my family did. http://www.cheeserank.com/culture/insane-grilled-cheeses-recipes-sandwiches/#!/image-27

Grilled Cheese with Spinach-and-Tomato Sauce | Call it an adult version of the grilled-cheese sandwich—slices of country bread layered with mozzarella, goat cheese, and tomato-sauced spinach and toasted to a golden brown.

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