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(Profile pic) This photo only showing a woman's facial expression and features emphasizes the emotions associated with the photo; this technique could be used to emphasize a photo's particular meaning

Brynn, 17, has memory gaps, doesn't know why she is at the asylum, desperate to know her past @sadierie61

Beauty | 美しさ | Beauté | Bellezza | красота | Humano | человек | 人間 | Humain | Human | Personnes | 人々 | People | люди | 顔 | Faces | лица | Visages | Facce |

Amy... she had that look about her. The lonely whistfullness of someone all to aware of what the world holds. No longer could those wide blue eyes harbor the hope they once held. Not after witnessing all she had seen.


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Love the semi double-exposure!

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Beautiful Portraits of Women With Freckles

Agata Serge is a young self-taught photographer from Lodz, Poland who currently…

I am the ships pet. I sit in a coil of ropes, leaning against the mast. Sailors rush around me. I open the journal. Since I've last looked at it it's grown. More entries have been made, by other girls like me, with similar notebooks like me. I hesitate before writing. For the first time in my life, I want to add my story to the hundreds of others. I set pen to paper and write. <<QUEEN LAYANNE>>

lesthetiquedelinventaire: Juan Martín Uranga