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21 Famous Quotes To Help You Rise (& Recover) From Failure

"She has been through hell. So believe me when I say, fear her when she looks into a fire and smiles." — Anonymous

THE CONSTITUTION...he has NO power to write law and thinks we do NOT know this. he thinks we think executive orders are laws and must be "obeyed".....and as usual, he's WRONG/ educate yourself and your friends and neighbors and their children, and tell them to educate themselves and their neighbors and their children....and on and on and on. this is OUR country and HE IS AN EMPLOYEE!

33 Of The Funniest Quotes On The Internet

I don't believe there was ever in the history of our nation as much factual information on the wrong doings of a serving president as the obamas...and yet the blind followers will not go see for themselves. It is there for them to see for themselves to see. It is true.. THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE. AMEN!!!