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Sheltie with his pet Yorkie

Sheltie with his pet Yorkie


Bruno loves him some cheese!

Sheltie Coat Colors Maya Blue Merle ♥♥  Never Get Tired of Posting SHELTIES

Shelties come in several colors and patterns. The two primary Sheltie colors are sable and black. All other colors in the breed are determined by other genes acting upon these primary colors. (The pattern that causes the variations in face and .

Flickr photo. Beautiful Sheltie... My favorite breed.  We have four but this is not one of ours.

This sheltie reminds me of my Dear Kassie that passed away

They sure can.

My Shellie always could!

Luv Shelties and they love to lay in nice cool grass....what a beautiful picture!!

my future puppy. I heart shelties. warms-my-heart

Aw! My childhood dog of nearly 15 years. Shetland Sheepdog "Sheltie". They are the best!

My childhood dog, Shetland Sheepdog "Sheltie". They are the best and most beautiful!

I love my Sheltie so much! This one kind of looks like him. Source - http://zeldathesheltie.tumblr.com/post/146621696266/she-hates-when-i-pull-out-the-camera-but-some-way

zeldathesheltie: “She hates when I pull out the camera but some way does she always pull it off ”

photos of shelties to pintrest | Shelties at play.....omg awesomeness!!!!! | Shelties 2

Shelties running and jumping.


Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) Dog Breed Information

Sable and Tri perfect puppies