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Cat Information and Facts

Improve communication with your cat by learning cat body language. Cats use their tails to communicate a great deal.

Caturday by The Masters

Portrait of an Unknown Woman in Russian Costume & a Very Known Cat in a Vet Collar, based on Ivan Argunov. By Russian artist Svetlana Petrova, who has become known for her online artwork of famous portraits featuring her big ginger cat Zarathustra.

A munchable cat garden.

Bring a taste of the outdoors to your indoor cats with a DIY Cat Garden. Super easy and your cats will love it!

Make a magic carpet cat hammock for your kitty!

DIY magic carpet cat hammock

I made a cosy magic carpet hammock for our cat Ananas, right under our coffee table! He was hesitant to crawl in on the first day, but now it’s definitely his go-to cosy place.

Safe, Healthy People Foods Your Cat Can Eat: ATTENTION: This blog is not meant to be a guide to a cat's primary diet. Some human foods are not safe to feed your cat, even in small amounts. This blog is guide to foods cats can eat in small amounts, as a fun, once-in-awhile treat, safely.:

Can Cats Eat People Food? There are certain human foods cats can eat. Here are some examples of cat-safe foods.

tucker on the pot

tucker on the pot

Simple Juguete para hacerlo tu mismo

Simple Juguete para hacerlo tu mismo

DIY cardboard cathouse | momentstolivefor

DIY cardboard cathouse momentstolivefor ♥ Learn secrets to making happy…

DIY Cat Litterbox

DIY Cat Litterbox - trunk storage, very cute idea if I was a cat person 1200x a1 2e 14 a12e14daa0b71c2c616f3644902dc9d3.jpg

Friskies® DIY Homemade Cat Toys: "Irresistiball" We could do a donation like last year's Tanner's Paws event. Give to the kitties this year.