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"Love came, and became like blood in my body. It rushed through my veins and encircled my heart. [...] Oh, my friend, all that you see of me is just a shell... the rest belongs to love" -Rum💕💋i


BEHIND HUGS!!!!! Especially if he suddenly starts chasing me and I squeal and try to run away. /Try/. I can't run lol, but he catches me and hugs me from behind and nuzzles his face in my shoulder. Nuzzle my sensitive neck and I'll break yours.

"I waved to her. I wanted to catch a last glimpse of her face, but the sky's reflection on the train window cast a dismal gray cloud over the beautiful features of my sweetheart…" >>> I don't know who wrote this but its beautiful

A good reason to swim in the rain :) "Polina Mehmet." "You can see the bouncing drops on the water. ... Requires a "really" fast shutter speed. ... Had to push the ISO to in order to be able to freeze the drops. That's why the end result is a bit grainy."


Since the summer is in full effect (for at least another 3 weeks or so here in the New York area), most of you are probably spending your weekends outside, enjoying the summer sun, going the beach and staying up late into the wee hours of the night.

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