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My attempt. Clark's originals!!!

Tradition, community, and pride are fundamental aspects of the history of Appalachia, and the language of the region is a living testament to its rich heritage. Appalachians have organized to preserve regional dialects—complex forms of English peppered with words, phrases, and pronunciations unique to the area and its people. Talking Appalachian examines these distinctive speech varieties and emphasizes their role in expressing local history and promoting a shared identity.

I just love this adorable expression. Posted by Florinda Mucciolo Clark to the CK Vote & Promote FB page.

Barbara Stanwyck and Clark Gable brought major star power to the 1950 Indy 500 while promoting "To Please a Lady." Note Wilbur Shaw driving and Tony Hulman riding shotgun.

Carole Lombard and Clark Gable celebrate their anniversary

Many times women have let the patriarchal beauty standards define our discourse. Women promote campaigns that redefine beautiful to include more skin types and body types. These campaigns are necessary to remove a lot of the shame women feel about their bodies, but it can't end there. This idea of physical beauty as a value is faulty. It will always lead women to aspire to beauty over more important endeavors. We must define our value as women to not be physical but as our personal traits.


1950s Rebellion, the Greasers and Teddy Boys

1950s in the USA | Although the greaser subculture was largely an American youth ...

Dr. Clark Johnson’s Indian Blood Syrup advertisement in the Washington Post - February 3rd, 1881.

Spencer Tracy y Clark Gable en “Fruto Dorado”, 1940