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Designer Drugs by the Los Angeles based artist Desire Obtain Cherish. Honey I have a headache give me my Channel pills...

Aroha Silhouettes, Designer Drugs, Overdose Necklace, MDMA, Psylocybin, Cocaine, THC, MDMA, DMT, LSD, illicit, drugs, necklace, molecule, st...

"Desire Obtain Cherish is a Los Angeles based artist who invites us to discover his satirical message with these diversions pills called “Designer Drugs”. Taking the world famous luxury brands, it criticizes the excessive consumption and conveyed by the universe such brands."

Steve Kraitt, tried to portray that by dressing by Dior it could be your 'fix' by improving your image, your improving the way you feel.

Spice vs. "Bath Salts": The Other Designer Drug Scare The brewing controversy over the designer drug known as “bath salts” — which I covered in my previous and extremely popular post — is only the tip of the iceberg, say addiction specialists, who are seeing a sudden spike in overdoses and admissions for the designer drug known as Spice or K2 as well.

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