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a bunch of tulips for a pack of cookies ✌️ #bestdeal

Some flowers used by florists are toxic to cats - Lilies being the most poisonous! Learn more about which ones to avoid in bouquets (for cat owners)

* * KITTEN: " Calvin Klein, Dior, or Chanel, and stillz he cant's disguise de smell."

i cant have a kitty because my dogs (they used to be street dogs) think kitties are din din so I enjoy them in pics

Superb Nature, Flowers to you by AnnaKarinPlsson...

roldam: “(via FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE: 5 flower filled ideas for 5 minute spring decor) ”

CyBeRGaTa - Cats, Memes, New Mexico - Shironeko, All Dressed Up For Summer

Springkit is 6 moons old and is the daughter of Nuttail,and Goldshine.she has two littermates,Shellkit and Turtlekit.

Cat watching a butterfly