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EPSOM SALT AS A RACCOON DETERENT. Raccoons can wreak havoc in your garden and other deterrents are full of chemicals. Apply a few tablespoons of Epsom salt to areas where raccoons will enter your garden. You can also place it around trash cans to keep racoons from knocking them over.

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🦄BNWT Raccoon Julia dress - unicorn!!! 🦄NWT

BNWT Raccoon Julia dress - unicorn!!! Brand new, never even tried it on. This print is my unicorn and I found this dress in size L, but a friend found me my correct size the next day. Super soft jersey material (not leggings material) and stretchy! I'm a 18/20 and the large Julia's fit me ok. You can even scrunch it up like a ruched tunic or fold it up to be shorter. Just trying to recoup what I paid for it! LuLaRoe Dresses Midi

NORTH AMERICAN RACCOON.....leucistic (a loss or partial loss of pigmentation, resulting in white or piebald coloring)...24 to 36 inches in length.....12 to 16 pounds in weight.....found in the wooded areas close to water of North & South America.....can be dropped or jump from a height of 45 feet and remain unharmed.....extremely dexterous front paws

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6 large labels, 2pgs in word - woodland animals - bear, owl etc - organization

Add whimsy and fun to your classroom with 2 pages of large labels with woodland animals your students will love. Easily editable in word. 81/2" by 11" or print out in smaller sizes by printing them out as an image.With a little tape add them to: bins, folders, and bulletin boards etc.Animals include: a bear, an owl, a squirrel, a rabbit, and a raccoon.If you download these labels, please leave a quick review/rating so I can grow my store.

Very smart and persistent, raccoons are challenging animals to control. Because they thrive around people the list of problems they can cause is long. From entering your home through pet doors, to pulling the shingles off your roof, to tearing apart your trash bags, to feasting on your chickens, nature's little bandit will invade your spaces until persuaded otherwise. Calling in professional raccoon control can put a big dent in your pocketbook.

Doreen Erhardt Christmas Collection Christmas Raccoon in a Santa Hat Mountain Wildlife Coffee Gift Baskets Coffee Gift Basket cgb_203024_1 *** You can find more details by visiting the image link.

raccoon holding kitten/pinterest | ... .com/lulzdump/images/raccoon-holding-cat-baby-cradle-1288921896t.jpeg

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How To Forget Your Ex Even Existed, As Told By Really Cute Animals

raccoon in a tuxedo! what more do you need?! | raccoon | cute animals | baby animals | animals in people clothes

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21 Raccoons Who Will Show You What It Means To Be Cute

This dude who is super cute even after he rolls in the mud. | 21 Raccoons Who Will Show You What It Means To Be Cute