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Gym Suit  1890s  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Gym Suit American, Made of wool, Adapt this for a model for tzniutwear? Nothing new under the sun. Who said that king Solomon?

Bathing Suit    1895-1900    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

bathing suit ca. via The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art “Since the century, going to the seaside to experience the restorative effects of salt water and sea air was.

Gym suit    1898    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Athletic gym suits were very different historically in the sense that they big baggy wool outfits. Nowadays athletic wear isn't made from wool but the same baggy concept still lives and is very practical for moving.

1840 -1880 Slovak ensemble. Skirt material coloring is amazing--love the peacock blue!

red and green - traditional slovak folk costume 1840 - Slovak ensemble (Metropolitan museum)

Gym suit, 1909 & Present day MCA

Gym suit Met Accession Number: b. I can't imagine Beth Tweddle, Mary Lou Retton turning somersaults in these!

The red Garibaldi Blouse was popular in the Crinoline Period because of General Giuseppe Garibaldi's soldiers.

Garibaldi Blouse: popular blouse of the They were inspired by the red shirts worn by Italian soldiers to unify Italy. Worn during the military campaign. Blouses were worn by women, girls, and boys. Worn with skirts-- high neck and closed sleeves.