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"What's gonna happen to me?" I ask him. I'm terrified. I know that if they find me I'll most likely die. "Why do you have to leave if you know they'll do something to me?" I question him. I just want him to answer, but all he will do is stare at me.

Skyrim is starting to become my favorite game in terms of all the awesome cosplay that it's inspired. I was most impressed with the Dovahkiin Daedric armor cosplay, and the same goes for the Nightingale Armor created and modeled by Beebichu...

She closed her eyes, fighting off the oncoming panic. She was safe. She was fine. No water. She wasn't drowning. She just needed to breath.

She was a puzzle to me, so unlike all the other girls I had known. She was so full of fire and passion; so full of the independent spirit that that had sparked this revolution. However, their were moments when I caught a glimpse of a different side of her; one that was like a frightened child. It was in those moments I was most wished that I really knew her and could protect her from the world. ~ Sarah Holman

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