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Azealia Banks Shows Love for Donald Trump; Calls Out Beyonce & Jay Z Azealia Banks Shows Love for Donald Trump; Calls Out Beyonce & Jay Z In a series of Facebook posts controversial - and some would label insane - rapper Azealia Banks says she is thrilled that Donald Trump is the USA's new President-elect. Donald Trump's victory earlier today (November 8th) has been greeted with widespread dismay with critics pointing to widespread accusations of xenophobia sexism racism and other…

Dear Badger Earlier today we looked together at photos and videos of you and and yourfriends. We came across a photo of my dad holding me as a baby and I said "there's me and my daddy" and your sister behind us said "sorry he died" and I started to cry and said "thank you me too". You watched the tears rolling down my cheeks and tilted your head to the side and whispered "oh" and hugged me so sweetly and I find it amazing that you can show me so much kindness and comfort. I want you to know…

@bbg_healthyandhappy shared a very beautiful and honest post earlier that resonanted with my own experience. It inspired me to share my story. Last year was the hardest year of my life - my Endometriosis was bad I was unhappy in my job I had no self confidence. I was in constant pain and bloated with my Endometriosis. I felt unattractive and unwanted. I didnt feel like a woman. Between May - November last year my depression was bad. I would cry in the shower cry myself to sleep cry in the…

Someone save me I did do this by myself it's my personal rule to never cheat on professor Layton games unless I'm doing a perfect run

I finished The Blood of Olympus earlier today and I cried realllyyyyy bad...I won't say anything

German Shepherd dances to Euro Pop music, lol. Poor baby, I hope they let him and his buddy out of that cage a lot. Hate seeing dogs caged and chained up; that's not how they're meant to live. This dance nonetheless is very cute and he's got some serious 80's moves happening, lol. http://boingboing.net/2013/12/02/intimidating-german-shepherd-g.html

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