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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Nigerian Goats for Your Homestead

Nigerian goats area a great choice for any size homestead, but especially for folks who are short on space.

The Nigerian Dwarf Goat- These days miniature is in. From tiny phones to compact cars, everyone seems to love the convenience of small! Maybe that’s why the Nigerian Dwarf is such a popular breed. Not only are these gals compact and adorable, they are also very hardy milkers. Check out our Nigerian Dwarf Goat Infographic to learn more about this wonderful breed.

Why Nigerian Dwarf goats are the best choice for your small homestead (besides the fact that they're adorable!), here:

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Considering Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Your Homestead?

Ever since the decision to get Nigerian Dwarf goats for our homestead, I've been asking a lot of questions. I figured you might have the same questions.

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Raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Perfect for a Small Farm

Raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Perfect for a Small Farm #animal

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Things to Consider Before Getting Dairy Goats

Isn't he a cutie?!?

Everything you need to know before you buy goats.

Nigerian Dwarf info. Care of the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat - these are the best dairy goats for an urban farm.


How to Raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats

How to Raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats: 5 Steps (with Pictures)