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Ib, I feel like this was going to happen cause it said slap him again and stuff, I remember holding my cheek!

I would have totally made those choices if that was in the actually game Ib XD FINISH HIM!

RPG Horror Girls Cameos by LittleBreezesCrafts on Etsy

RPG Horror Girls Cameos

Made some new Cameos for you guys This time it's Madotsuki from Yume Nikki, Aya from Mad Father and Viola from The Witch's House. I love Witch's House a.

Ib - Careless Carrie comes out of the book.

Ib - Careless Carrie comes out of the book. If this happened in the game, I would've screamed. That story of Careless Carrie was scary

crimson monarch. Ib - the Carrie careless story

"Carrie the Careless" is a short and creepy in-game story in Ib (bookshelf in the Red Room). I think it's a story written by Mary.