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To everyone who disrespects the flag: It is your right only because of the brave men & women (of all races)who are fighting & have fought for it!! Remember that next time you excersize your right to be an ungrateful, unpatriotic, & disrespectful punk!!

Praying - God, I pray for the woman in WalMart today. God, I was with my little girl and her 2 friends in the Jewlery department, while my 2 sons and his friend was in the toy department; their was this woman who was rude called my children punks, cussing at them because my son was clearing his throat, it was kindaloud, then she called them rude disrespectful punks, starting cussing st them, etc. We walked around WalMart looking for her, so I could go tell the manager she was cussing at…

ah, the wonders of pop music. as in 'i wonder why that's considered "good music", and all of my music is considered "emo" to society.' man, i wonder.

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Which punk disney princess are YOU?

Punk Disney Princesses Tumblr | ENSEMBLE MAGAZINE: Piecing together the daily puzzle called life

punks respect pronouns (I absolutely love this!! I should do something like this for my printmaking class!!! - B)

Ok look at their url. "Canderemy" I bet that's Candace and Jeremy from phineas and ferb. What even.

So you say you're going to give a million dollars to charity Colin? And what is it you make 19 million? Well hell that's less than 5% champ. Think you can spare it? B.F.D. Douchebag ...

This is realistic for us- Candace & Tyler';s Tattoo-Heavy, Punk Rock Wedding

How have I not seen this before... Oh... Oh my.... Leuk no... My heart... LIFE ALERT

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Punky Pirate Princess Party

Ruffled Pirate Party cake (& tons of other cute ideas for a GIRLY pirate party!)