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MANHATTAN: UPPER WEST SIDE. February 13, 2014. Ensconced between Central Park and Riverside Park, the Upper West Side area between West 90th and West 99th streets is known for its stunning architecture, plethora of food options and acclaimed schools.

MANHATTAN: FLATIRON DISTRICT shows residential growth amid plethora of shopping, nightlife. By Wendy Lu. November 17, 2016. The Flatiron District is known as a prime destination for shopping, nightlife and offices for tech startups, but what many don’t know is that the nabe also has a growing residential community. The district is known for its booming commercial hub and iconic architecture, from the MetLife Tower to the Grand Madison on Fifth, to the Flatiron Building itself.

MANHATTAN: ROOSEVELT ISLAND offers laid-back island life in Manhattan's backyard. By MARJORIE COHEN May 13, 2015. Visitors to Roosevelt Island often compare it to a typical suburban town. But unless they can name a suburban town where there is almost no car traffic, a view of Manhattan and Queens is outside everyone's front door and the commute to Manhattan's east side takes five minutes, their comparison just doesn't work. The two-mile-long, 800-foot-wide island is not suburbia; it is…

SECRETS OF GREENWOOD CEMETERY. Sprawling across 478 hilly acres in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, Green-Wood Cemetery is one of New York’s hidden treasures. Established in 1838, its roster of “residents” reads like a "Who’s Who" of great New Yorkers -- political macher William “Boss” Tweed, composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein and communications pioneer Samuel F.B. Morse are all buried at this National Historic Landmark.

STATEN ISLAND: Noble Maritime Collections (Snug Harbor Cultural Center), 1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island. The mission of the Noble Maritime Collection is to preserve and interpret the art, writings, and historical maritime artifacts of the distinguished marine artist, John A. Noble; and to continue Noble's legacy of celebrating the people and traditions of the working waterfront of New York Harbor.

QUEENS: JACKSON HEIGHTS offers diversity, affordability and easy transportation By Adrienne Jordan. February 10, 2016. Nicknamed “The World’s Borough,” Queens is one of the most culturally diverse urban areas on the planet, and Jackson Heights is often considered its epicenter. For those with a healthy appetite, the neighborhood boasts an enviable food scene, thanks to various ethnic enclaves including large Indian, South American and South Asian populations.

BRONX: MOTT HAVEN. By Jason Shaltiel with Paul Liotta. May 12, 2016. Mott Haven isn’t typically associated with new developments and trendy eateries, but locals say the South Bronx neighborhood is in the process of getting a new image. Along with an industrial vibe, Mott Haven has extensive waterfront property along the Harlem River and is home to quaint townhouses and pre-war apartment buildings in its historic district on Lincoln and Alexander avenues.

QUEENS: LONG ISLAND CITY is home to new high-rises and a thriving art scene. By Noel Duan, May 19, 2016. Young professionals are moving to Long Island City in droves to reside in the western Queens neighborhood’s new residential high-rises and to take advantage of its close proximity to midtown. They are joining the artists and other creative types who have found refuge in the waterfront area for decades.

MANHATTAN: THE BOWERY. Walking down famed Bowery street, from which the Bowery neighborhood takes its name, the sight of trendy restaurants and swanky nightlife spots mingling with sophisticated art galleries, the world-renowned New Museum and high-rise hotel and condo units makes it hard to believe the area has a less-than-pristine past.