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Yes you are my darling, two-faced, oxygen waster of what you call a girl. You terrible person with a horrible personality! ------ LMFAO. The comment on this one was great- had to keep it.

I MAY NOT BE PERFECT BUT AT LEAST I'M NOT YOU ..........something to be oh so thankful for....... I WOULD LOVE TO SAY THIS TO A CERTAIN SOMEONE!

Could you imagine where I'd be if I would have listened to your hating ass give me "advice". You're a joke.

If you don't like me and still watch everything that I do... Bitch, you're a fan.

My oh my !! Even until the apps im using u have to copy ? Oh u r such a loyal follower on everything i do .. How pathetic :) u know nothing other than fake eyebrows ! #downrightBRAINLESS

Oh my gosh I felt this way a couple months ago,,, to think that she actually thought I believed she was so sincere,,, Oh honey you are so wrong I know what you are all about lies and fake its ok you one day will have to answer to the big man not me sweetie!!!! Have fun with that...

To Nicole (You Know Who You Are) --I would tag u but I don't wanna be a bitch like u are.--

Actually no, My post wasn't about you but if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that bitch up & wear it.

Yes, yes, yes! Stop all the whining and bitching about cheaters and how he'll do it again. Why do you care? He's not in your life anymore. Get over it. You keep saying you've moved on so do it already.