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This HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA Mavis Cosplay is So Good, It's Creepy

This HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA Mavis Cosplay is So Good, It's Creepy — GeekTyrant

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15 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know

Sweater knot - so cute!<< sweater knot? THIS IS SHERLOCK HOLMES SIGNATURE WAY OF TYING HIS SCARF! DISHONOR! DISHONOR ON YOU! DISHONOR ON YO COW! DISHONOR ON YOUR WHOLE FAMILY! YOU ARE A DISGRACE! <<< Repinning for this omfg<< omg I saw this and I was like SHERLOCK but the pin has nothing to do with it and I was so confused

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Cositas que una verdadera hada seguro tendría entre sus curiosidades

Каффы ручной работы. Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа. Купить Каффы парные "Изумрудный дракон". Handmade. Зелёный, дракон, крылья

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19 Posts That Show the Awesomenes of the Anime World

It's not even a photoshopped screenshot it's a cosplayer, which makes it even better.

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My New Year Resolutions as an Article Writer 2015

((Open RP. I'm yahoo. ONLY NEED A GOOGLE. This is at college age btw)) I walk down the halls to get to my class. I was the nerdiest and shyest girl in school. After about a half hour I'm in class and it starts. We have to have partners for a project, but the teacher choose the partners. "Yahoo and Google..." He said and kept listing the names. I gulp. Not only was Google the most popular and smartest guy in the class, he was my crush.

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Cosplay Gen Promo Cards

I'm inspired in two ways by this... the work/passion that cosplay people show in their craft, but also the fantastic work by the artist bringing the real and drawing worlds together here.

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Material Monday: Craft Foam

You've waited for it and now it's here! It's time for Material Monday to cover Craft Foam!!!! Craft Foam What it is: Craft Foam, or EVA foam is a thermoplastic with polyester and a bit of vinyl thr...

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Cosplay girls are the muse that keeps on giving (52 Photos)

Name: Scar Gender: Female Age: 19 Description: black hair with one bright blue eye and the other one a dark brown colour wears typical assassin type clothes with a crossbow

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How to enlarge a sewing pattern with Powerpoint

How to enlarge any sewing pattern with Microsoft PowerPoint. Resize any image you find in a book, or the internet, in a few steps!