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Rainbow Betta Fish | Canada Betta where you can get the best Betta

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black silk

The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as the betta. I've never seen a black betta before

feathertail betta - Google Search

I WANT THIS COLOR… Betta fish aka Siamese fighting fish is a popular species of fresh water aquarium fish

Rosetail betta fish....This is what I want.....Why can't I find this at my pet stores????? SIGH

This is what I want.Why can't I find this at my pet stores?

Multicolored double tail betta **you wouldn't keep a dog in a dirty cage all it's life....don't sentence your betta to a dirty "bowl" or "vase". They are tropical fish! They need room to swim and a heater to warm their water!**

rainbow betta-fact a betta fish loves the company of you though they love when you play with them, and pay attention to them (when thay want you to though!) So true

These are the most common types of Betta fish: Plakat Betta. Closely related to the traditional fighting Betta, the Plakat Betta is easily recognizable from its short tail. Crowntail Betta. Half Moon Betta. Double Tail Betta. Combtail Betta. Rosetail Betta.

Top 15 Beautiful Types of Betta Fish with Amazing Pictures

In case the tank is unbalanced it is going to eventually crack. If you prefer, you can purchase smaller fish tanks and place some dividers between. You may also put in a cute fish tank!