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On one hand English is the wall that separates me from those guys who don't care. On the other hand English is also the door that always opens to those guys who care. Existence is reasonable.

Viral photos from Weibo show two geese in China kissing before they are separated, killed, and eaten. The story of these two soulmates is heartbreaking.

Xiaomi towards Air Quality Monitor Xiaomi appears set to expand its home appliance portfolio with the unveiling of an air quality monitor on Wednesday. The Chinese conglomerate has released a teaser on its Weibo account hinting at the arrival. The air quality tester will be launched at 7.30am IST on the company's MIJIA crowdfunding platform. The imageteasershows a small square-shaped device sitting neatly atop a table displaying what appears to be air quality (on the PM2.5 particulate…

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20151014 #TFBOYS in "A Love for Separation" PC 电视剧小别离 via Weibo

a process (๑•㉨•๑)ฅ thinking back now ive accumulated a whole lot of social media accounts over the years, and am currently active on very very little of them. so: 5 twitter, 5 separate tumblrs, 3 weibo (but one got deleted for some mysterious reason), and 2 instagram... and those are just the main ones. plus ive got like 154864346 gmail accounts or something is this bad lmao does anyone else have this #exofanart #jongin #kai #art #susurru #moleskine #process #엑소팬아트 #카이 04/16/2016 8:00am

Only the person who experiences sadness happiness separation unity honor disgrace nobleness and lowliness is really mature.

Pound locks were used in medieval China during the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD), having been pioneered by the government official and engineer Qiao Weiyo in 984.[1] They ... are mentioned by the Chinese polymath Shen Kuo (1031–1095) in his book Dream Pool Essays (published in 1088),[2] and fully described in the Chinese historical text Song Shi (compiled in 1345):[3]

Hotel Official WeChat and Weibo events-we are plan to hold activity as "we and sakura photo sharing" on both mentioned social media.The activity starts from March 20th till April 20th,and the award will come up from lucky draw on April 22nd as complimentary buffet dinner voucher for 2.Among the participants,5 of them can win award from lucky draw separately on Wechat and Weibo. #marcopolochangzhou